In African culture, the spirit animal, the snake represents fertility since it shades the skin. The history of the culture of the African continent is yet unrevealed … so it is not difficult to guess that the superstitions and beliefs of Africans reach unsuspected limits, to the point that it is almost impossible to understand or imagine. Exactly what sorcerers practice in the villages and tribes of the interior is really tough to interpret.

Worshipping Snakes in Africa

The native people, especially of Zulu culture, worship the snakes here. As per the local belief, worshipping snakes will bring peace, harmony and the women will experience the blessing of fertility by worshipping ‘Dahomey’, the snake God. In some parts of the continent, the snake is also believed as a sign of immortality.

There is a place between Grand Gedeh and Cape Palmas where you may find a lot of young women. As per the tradition, people send those young women here who are unable to give birth to a new life. Woman with early menopause is sent here too. Here they devote themselves in the worshipping of the snake god so that they can be freed from the curse of infertility.

How Infertility is Treated with Snakes in Africa

Undoubtedly, the sorcerers or the healers have effective knowledge of applied medical science. Some of them really know how to put dislocated bones or make a break solidify. They acquire a keen knowledge about herbs, seeds, barks, mud and more that relieve and even cure minor illnesses. There are many people here, who devote themselves to witchcraft … something very fearful as it kills! Let’s check how they treat women with infertility with snakes.

There is a common but strange practice here to get rid of infertility. It is inserting a snake (not poisonous) into the vaginal cavity of the woman with suspected infertility. This takes place in the sorcerer’s cabin alone with the victim. A little light of a candle or fire is required while the process is executed. The sorcerer he knocks the victim down on a table, naked.

Then he forces the snake to get inside the vaginal area. There are snakes of the family of the Python, with a size of about 40/50 cm that practically lives its life underground during the day. Once the head penetrates, the rest is pushed, like this again and again until the sorcerer determines the verdict. Depending on thetime the snakes stay inside the women and considering other factors such as smell, air, cavity and more, the sorcerer will assess the causes and reasons.

He will then detect the estimated time for fertilization and other facts like if you need to return to for another session and more.

If the snake refuses to enter, it will qualify that woman as sterile, the number of queries she will need for a final evaluation or she will conclude that the husband has “spoiled it.” In that case, the sorcerer acts like a snake with the patient, in order to open the way and bless the women with fertility.

There are countless native people who firmly believe it. The sorcerers do not need anything more than a positive case for everyone to believe in the “snake fetish”. This mythological practice indicates that what do snakes symbolize in the African culture.